Care & Shipping


The cotton paper and natural finish look of this series should be handled with care. When handling, consider wearing gloves and/or touch underside only, to avoid fingerprints. Maybe leave in mailing tube until you are ready to frame it.
Tip: Second-hand stores have nice big frames w/ glass for a size like this.
Lil' time and effort goes a long way. ;-) 


You will receive an order confirmation at time of purchase, and a USPS tracking number when your order ships.

Return Policy
No returns accepted. Please be 100% you want this product. If your product has a defect please send an inquiry.

We currently ship our artwork in the U.S. using a mailing tube with USPS. Please indicate correct mailing address with city, state/province, zip code and country.

You may send us a message/question with all international orders outside the U.S. We'll review all international orders/shipping before we send out. Shipping costs on all international orders are subject to change, other duties/VAT and taxes may be imposed from your local postal office, you will also be responsible for.

Shipping Time
Orders will take 3-5 business days to ship out after payment has processed or sooner. We are a small company and like to save trips to the post office.

Thank You! Please contact us with any questions.